Species: Sativa

Provider: Anonymous

Aroma: Sweet, very fresh pine sap, lime.

Appearance: Slightly fluffy with lots of crystals and yellow hairs. Buds are golden green.

Smoke: Piney up front with a clean lavender finish. Not harsh at all.

Effects: Pez is a true session bud. It’s highly smoke able because it’s not too harsh on the lungs and the effects of the sativa are very uplifting. Pez is great for weekends or to get a creative boost for after work. We’ll be getting more of this for the office for sure!

Rating: Super Mega Dope





God’s Gift

Species: Indica

Provider: Anonymous

Aroma: Jasmine, green tea, and orange zest.

Appearance: Purple and dark green buds. The nugs are very dense so I recommend grinding before smoking.

Smoke: God’s Gift isn’t a harsh smoke at all. The orange/citrus from the aroma is amplified in the smoke. It’s very light up front with a citrus piney finish.

Effects: The God’s Gift has two sides. If you have some studying to do or a task that takes some concentration then God’s Gift is perfect. It really helps with focusing. On the other hand if you just want to medicate for pain and zone out boom…God’s Gift. It’s amazing for relaxation and meditation. This stuff gets an A+++.

Indica. Great for studying or concentration.

Indica. Great for studying & concentration.

Square One Coffee is that dank!

Good afternoon. We’ve been enjoying a wonderful PNW summer. Smoking lots of medical, enjoying many bike rides, and chilling by the pool.

It’s important for us at Spro & Dro to try coffees roasted from all around the country. We are pretty flush with roasters here on the west coast so we searched for an east coast coffee. This week we’ve got Square One Coffee from Lancaster PA. The coffee is La Victoria, Colombia. It is washed and sun dried.

We brewed this beautiful coffee with the Hario electric kettle and the baby Chemex. Yeah, baby Chemex. It’s pretty much our favorite way to brew coffee right now. They even make a special filter just for it. And as always our Baratza Encore ground those beans to perfection.

Dry Aroma:
Dark cherry and almond muffin.

25g coffee to 425g of water. Brew time was 3:23 seconds total.

What ended up in the cup was pretty delicious. It tasted like the best ever chocolate covered cherries. The mouth feel was super silky. As the coffee cooled a lot of lemon and cherry sweetness came through.

We also got a sample of Ethiopia Gelana Abaya Natural. Hecka cacao and red wine in the dry aroma. In the cup the cacao turned into milk chocolate. The red wine was still there too.

We HIGHLY recommend ordering up some Square One Coffee.


Sprudge share!

OK I know it’s been a while since my last post. My apologies. I’ve been going through some crazy ish. The ish has settled and I’ll be able to plug your feed up with savory nuggets more often.

My good friends at Sprudge recently ran a post about a coffee shop owner that got turned in for growing mad buds. I gave them a little quote for the story. Check it out here!

Check in next week for a review of Square One Coffee’s Colombia La Victoria!

Colombia La Victoria from Square One Coffee.

Colombia La Victoria from Square One Coffee.

BC Big Bud

Hybrid Indica/Sativa

Provider: Lacey Cross

Aroma: Citrus & blueberry muffin

Appearance: Very dense buds. I recommend grinding them a little.

Smoke: The citrus and blueberry are amplified finishing with a nice orange blossom. I really enjoyed the blueberry muffin aftertaste.

Effects: This stuff puts you on your ass. I tried to play Call of Duty but had to take a nap (kinda sad). Make sure to have plenty of munchies on hand too. COUCH LOCK